Zumba Classes in Dubai

Zumba classes in Dubai for weight loss and mood lifting!

At its core, Zumba classes in Dubai provide a large calorie burn through aerobic activity done with interval training in mind. The average person will burn 500-1000 calories in a Zumba class.

Tired of the monotony of fitness and aerobics, aren’t you? Do you think that this kind of exercises is too boring? I suggest to your attention our Zumba classes in Dubai then.

The funny thing is that the interpretation of the very name “Zumba”, in translation from Mexican means “to be tipsy” or “to be happy”. However, it should be noted that the technique of performing a dance Zumba is very clearly characterized by this interpretation.

Zumba fitness is incendiary and explosive Latin American dances, which include power and aerobic exercises. All the training of the Zumba passes under enchanting music, more reminiscent of party music. The main condition for training in the style of a Zumba is the pleasure. You must experience pleasure, energy and mood improvement.

Despite all the light-heartedness and lightness of the dance, the Zumba is quite a serious kind of fitness.

Advantages of Zumba classes in Al Barsha DEF by Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Centre:
– Zumba is a good aerobic exercise that will help you burn excess fat and tighten the body.
– Lose weight with dancing is not only effective but also fun. This is exactly the case when fitness brings real pleasure.
– By regularly practicing this dance program, you will become more plastic and graceful.
– Everyone can learn Zumba! You do not need to have some impressive skills for this. In addition, all the choreographic movements in the program are absolutely simple and understandable.
– Dancing passes under energetic and incendiary music, so training will give you real positive emotions.
– This kind of fitness is suitable for beginners, newly-born girls and those who are far from sports.
– During the classes, you will work through all the problem areas: the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, including using even the deepest muscles.

Duration of the class – 60 minutes.

In case if you are still not sure just call us NOW. Join one of our Zumba classes in Dubai. You will fall in love with it.