Yoga classes in Dubai are trying to drive away the barriers between the actual and superficial yoga. This ancient practice was never about shaping a perfect butt or posing with the perfect jawline or gaining Instagram followers from yogic hashtags and backbend pictures. This concept that was meant to free people from the material boundaries in order to search for their real purposes has further paved way for a whole commercial upsurge selling yoga mats, suits, costumes and many more.

The world is eager at adopting anything that is new. Thanks to the social media it is no more a task for the people to stay on the same page of trends in fashion, food or fitness. Yoga is one such concept that has stirred the world for some time now with its intense phenomenon, emergence, rich history and scientific claims to cure everything in a human body and feeding one’s soul.

The practice that is 5000+ years old has its origins from days even before. The Sanskrit word “Yoga” means to “unite” as well as “subjugate”. It is the union of one’s mind, body, and soul in order to subjugate the dynamics of human anatomy or to bring in the discipline. The most popular or rather the most frequently used definition of the practice is its spiritual derivation, i.e. merging one’s individual consciousness to the universal consciousness. In the middle of this entire stir, one needs to know the critical requirement to first understand the phenomenon and then practice. It is identified by ascetic practices such as controlling one’s breath, meditation and SuryaNamaskar – the complex of morning exercises.

Yoga strictly ordains for some internal enlightenment. The tactics of which can be learned at a quality yoga class. There might be a plethora of choice for yoga classes in Dubai, but Ric Banks fitness studio has become an ultimate choice for yoga for the ones who want to connect with its actual significance. To find out more visit the website, or write to Ric Banks centre at

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