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Yoga in Dubai- this is the traditional practice of adjoining oneself with their consciousness or eternal spirit. The physical postures for conducting yoga, known as asanas are designed to tone, strengthen and align the body. The urban approach to understanding the traditional concept of yoga is known as Urban Yoga. One may say that the touch of modernity be it aesthetically or conceptually when added to the traditional techniques gives excitement to your regular routine of fitness.

Dubai has recently been introduced with this cooler way of doing Yoga which has stirred the masses who are looking for a detailed report on the benefits of the styles. Classes for urban yoga in Dubai, at Ric Banks center have become one of the leading solutions for all yogis in Al Barsha. It welcomes you for a morning and evening classes. Also, renowned for its stress relieving properties, AshtangaVinyasa is a practice to eliminate the cardio related disease.

Why choose Ric Banks urban Yoga over other fitness activities in Dubai?

Do you do Yoga in Dubai? Consider yourself lucky, because urban yoga in Dubai has lots of benefits than just hitting the gym with some fitness goals. By performing even the most basic asana, will help you have a better shape, mind, and soul. Also, the basic idea of yoga is to embrace oneself in their bodies. The moment you indulge in yoga, your spirit shall be elevated to a state to sink in positive energies;


The twisting, stretching and folding practices are good for the digestive system, circulatory system, lungs and other essential functioning systems of your body. The detox procedure of your organism will accelerate as you indulge in yoga practices. The improvement in the functioning of the systems of your organism will also lead to the strengthening of your muscles and toning of your body;


Urban yoga is a kinder version of the workout. It builds heat as it works down to your muscles without straining your body’s potential. It completely eliminates the risk of an injury as yoga does not ask you to push your body’s allowance as you aren’t asked to lift weights. The stretchability of your body is improved which further helps you to adopt the next position 

A workout at the gym will make your body ache and the pain will not go easily, however, if you are involved in an intense yoga practice, your muscles shall stretch slowly to allow energy flow in your muscles. The increased flexibility keeps muscles and joints lubricated which in return will not cause any sort of joint or muscle pain;

Yoga is about acceptance, it does not ask you to prove beyond failures. There is no competence for curves and extremism at a yoga practice, unlike, the gym.

The popular Ric Banks centre for urban Yoga classes in Dubai talks about how one off every week along with a regular yoga routine helps you build a correct posture, with better flexibility and a desirable functioning of the various systems in your body. The holistic approach of the training sessions at Ric Banks will only make you learn the asanas way earlier than expected.

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