Dance and fitness awareness in the city seem to be crossing limits of being popularresulting in the sprawling industry of Hip Hop classes in Dubai. Hip Hop dancing is the street style dancing that came up in the 1970s in the United States.Hip Hop dancing emerged as a powerful expression of the emotion by youths. The form evolved due to the hip hop culture also reinforced by the hip hop music and breaking styles which is being loved by the audiences and continues to be loved by them.

Let’s now have a look at how the dance evolved in its form and continues to with each passing year.

The fundamental of Hip hop dancing was informal as its origin is from street style dancing. The spectators or audience for the dancing was also informal and was limited to the group. The power of Hip Hop dancing was realised only after it took a leap from the crowd to the masses who appreciate dancing as a skill which involves technically designed moves. From the 1990s, Hip Hop dancing became performance centric from being a chill event at a club or amongst a group. Further to these evolutionary steps, the advent of social media and television associations caused a consistent popularity of Hip Hop dancing around the world. Many shows which created a storm within the dance industry, pushing forward the enrolments for several hip hop dance institutes from round the globe. Also, 21st century hip hop dancing is a inclusive of classic b-boying, breaking, locking & popping, tutting and many more refinements.

Hip Hop classes in Dubai or any other part of the world developed as a subculture or artistic movement in the New York City. Hip Hop dancing includes several styles that are performed to a specific kind of Music. The form is quite variant and unique from each of its aspects, whether, it is the 4 groovy moves, music or the overall mood of hip hop dancing; it is distinctive of its style. It primarily focuses on breaking as a dancing style which was created in the 1970s by the dancers of the United States.

It is an energizing form of dancing making it obviously popular amongst youth. It is though not recommended or easy to master the art on its own. To be even more specific, any art form can have its true essence guided by the masters of the skill. The Hip Hop classes in Dubai by masters or choreographers of the dancing style are the best way to have the best knowledge. The experienced professionals at DEF by Ric Banks, in Al Barsha Dubai, will help you pick up on the difficult moves and quick tips fast and further lead you to learn the main skills of dancing. With the regular lessons under our capable team of choreographers, you shall feel more confident.

Hip hop signifies the young mind and bodies. With the energetic groovy moves and even energetic hip hop music, it has become a popular style of expression amongst the youth. Whether you want to be an expert in the art form or you do it out of curiosity; make sure you give in your talented mind and body in capable and faithful hands. Write to us at or check the website to know more about the dance and fitness at DEF by Ric Banks

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