The world and its people are constantly moving towards the age-old ancient practices that are totally practical to bring in use for several mind and body issues. Take from the people’s mouth, where they have benefitted from many such procedures, such as Ayurveda and Ashtanga Yoga. In this blog, however, we shall talk about Ashtanga Yoga in Dubai, its benefits and how to decide on the best yoga classes in Dubai for you.

Let’s begin by understanding the AshtangaVinyasa Yoga. Ashtanga refers to the eight limbs that are brought in use for the physical postures and exercises. These asanas or postures are kept in accordance with the inhaling and exhaling. The process to sync the physical postures with the breathing exercise is known as vinyasa. This has proven to cure several chronic diseases of the body along with improving the flexibility and overall strength. Yoga is a powerful and significant way to cure cardiovascular diseases and also relieve stress from the body.

Why Choose Ric banks to practice Ashtanga yoga in Dubai?


DEF by Ric Banks in Al Barsha, facilitates both morning and evening classes unlike some who have strict timing for yoga in their Studio. With the trial lessons that are offered at the classes, it has become quite easy to select. The qualified trainers at the classes with a handful experience in the skill are seen to be giving optimal results to the clients. RicBanks Academy is being seen as one of the eminent classes for fitness and dancing in Dubai by professionals due to its unique belief to lead, teach and create.

While several yoga learning classes are not taken up seriously, you will find fitness centers or gyms that open their studios for yoga for some hours in the day. The setup, arrangement, and ambience for a yoga class are totally different. You will not find it difficult to practice yoga in a place that smells sweaty! Ric Banks Academy, is totally different place. A trial will help you know the best about the classes.

Don’t hesitate before heading to a trial class to be sure of what awaits you! Write at .



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