Do you want to learn to dance from the finest instructors in Dubai? If yes, then make your next stop at RIC BANKS which is the leading school for ballroom dancing and fitness classes in Dubai. Our classes are well-designed for the beginners as well as the veterans. Since the organization is being managed by the team of professional dancers, as a learner, you’ll not be disappointed with our contemporary and creative teaching lessons.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to dancing, we bring you the countless of dance programs to choose from. The factor that makes us a preeminent choice for ballroom dancing and fitness classes in Dubai are:

RIC BANKS have personified excellence in private dancing and group dancing

You learn dancing in a state-of-the-art academy

You get trained by the hand-picked instructors

There’ll be a well-planned fitness establishment and workout sessions

The studio is the foundation of proficient performer and acrobatic

Are you ready to explore the fitness realm? Our club is a one-stop hub for learning dance and fitness classes. Our studio is for people of all age groups. We cater for young, teenager and adults. To know more about, simply reach us out at

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