A one-hour session of Yoga in our urban studio is enough to inspire you, motivate you, makes you feel happy and incline your mind, body, and soul preeminently. It’s the discovery of the subtle energy of life and if you are looking for the finest urban yoga center in Dubai to embrace the practices, then you are at the right place.

Ric Banks studio is the preeminent institute that lets you master the serene and various practices of urban yoga. Since our classes are expertly designed by the professionals and conducted in a state-of-the-art facility, as a learner you’ll not be disappointed by the ultimate session taught with the great teachers.

Why must you learn Yoga in Dubai?

Yoga is not restricted to someone who is a fitness veteran but can be performed by everyone (people of all ages) who aims to calm the mind, gain good body posture, improving health and applicable for someone aiming for personal or spiritual development. From the moment you take one class of our well-designed urban Yoga Classes in Dubai, you feel the change, self-control, relaxation and a sense of freedom.
The benefits of having yoga classes for some people are life-changing because:

You see life from a different perspective. Unlike other fitness programs, Yoga is quite a stress reliever and it positively impacts your overall health & wellness.

Improves flexibility. Doing our urban yoga in Dubai regularly stretches your muscles and improves your flexibility; giving you the utmost control over your body.

Structure your body perfectly. Yoga can prevent some serious body issues like chronic back pain. It improves your body structure and immensely improves your posture.

Improves focusing strength. With Ric Banks urban yoga in Dubai, you allow yourself to go beyond the physical strength and gain a deeper level of focus. This eventually helps in improving your personal and professional life.

Confers you a positive self-image; you start to appreciate your life and body with better understanding. With yoga, you choose the health and confer a positive relationship.

These benefits were just a gist of what Ric Banks urban yoga in Dubai can actually confer you, there are plenty more to discover. Since trying is the new believing, the best way to know about it is by enrolling in the renowned urban yoga classes in Dubai.

Why Choose Ric BanksFitnessStudio?

After learning unique benefits of Yoga, it’s time to make a decision. Although it is understandable that there are plenty of centres to choose from, but the facility that Ric Banks offer in their studio is quite exceptional. At RicBanks, you’ll be taught by the best teachers; giving you the prudent knowledge of various types of Asana.
Here are the certain traits which clearly portray Ric Banks a dependable studio for yoga in Dubai

State-of-the-art fitness studio gives you the facility you need to learn everything without compromising on the quality.

We hold spacious and beautifully designed centre; giving you the freedom and space you needed to perform well.

The centre is specialized to make you learn almost all types of Yoga; from classical yoga to Ashtanga yoga, we bring you everything.

The studio is available for people of all ages; our studio caters yoga classes for both beginners and veterans.

Choose between personal and group yoga classes; we understand the individual preference and provides you with the quotation best-suited as per your preference.

Let’s rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Ric Banks studio for yoga in Dubai lets you achieve all your fitness and flexibility goals. If you are seeking a bespoke class or planning to gain expert advice, then do reach us out immediately. We are available via phone +971-52-292-2356 or you may also reach us on our website www.ricbanks.com

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