Before your work faints the spirit of fun in you, take a step out of this languorous life and do something groovy. At Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Center, in Dubai, we will give the best break to your life with dance classes that is hard to be bored of! We offer you the best professionals. To learn those classy dance styles from the montage moves of Salsa, Aerial Hammock to Bachata and many more. Engaging in social activities while dancing to the rhythms of salsa inculcates a social behavior within you. Regardless of age or level of ability, dancing salsa is inclusive to all. It offers enormous health benefits that we all wish to attain.

Here at Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Center in Dubai, we ensure that the synthesis of your mind, soul, and body to salsa. Salsa is a visual attempt to represent love and freedom. So, say goodbye to your shyness and feeling uncomfortable when surrounded by people. You can transform into an extrovert from introverted personnel while learning salsa.

Dance is music made visible. At Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Center we believe that changing your dance partner would gain a mutual understanding between two strangers. This small variation would not only make you more socially active but now you’ll be able to brush off your salsa skills at any club.

Not satisfied enough? No problem! The list of rewarding elements of learning salsa with us goes a long road. Below are some additional advantages:

  1. Learn fast, brag fast- our class has encouraging methods that will allow them to stay enthusiastic and learn better and faster.
  2. Our professional trainers are well- trained and bring new aptness to you in every salsa dance class.
  3. Test your confidence and dance skills under one roof- Our weekly ‘Dubai Nights’ is your exit to excuse. It’s happening all over Dubai. At least 2-3 times every week.
  4. No reasons to skip a class- we have flexible timing for just two classes every week.
  5. For all the single lads and girls, don’t freak out for a partner rescue mission- allow us to handle that situation. In our class, we will provide a partner If you don’t have one.

Our fitness party doesn’t end here as Alone with a great selection of dance styles, we provide you with remedies. Fitness like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba etc. Escalating to different remedies to serve you with, make Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Center in Dubai.  Your destination to free your spirit with dancing.

Don’t breathe to survive; dance and feel alive. Get ready to approach a healthier life and make those complicated poses are easier. Visit us at Or call us at  +971 52 292 2356  to learn more about dance.


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