Let’s begin by understanding the concept of ashtangavinyasa’ yoga. By the end of this blog, you will be able to decide which yoga classes in Dubai will be the best for you in retrieving the most optimal results of your mind, body and soul.

AshtangaVinyasa refers to the eight limbs or subcategories of yoga of which physical posture is merely one branch. The concept of the same is mentioned in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. This was brought into existence in the 20th century by K. PattabhiJo, It is modelled for the modern day classical Indian yoga. Besides, physical postures, yogic styles or yoga postures depend upon the breathing activities or controlled breathing exercise; also known as pranayama. This inhaling and exhaling exercise which is performed in accordance with body movement is vinyasa. It helps in getting rid of several cardiovascular diseases, improves flexibility and overall strength of the mind, body and soul.

Nobody in today’s time is bereft of the benefits of yoga, resulting in the many yoga classes opening up in every nook and corner of the world. It brings in sync one’s breathing with the movement of the body. Yoga is considered to be the most powerful way of channelizing one’s energy in eradicating the physical and mental challenges in life.

How to choose?

  1. With several dance classes in Dubai and other fitness lessons sprawling up, it is hard to choose the best. It is the best to do a research and understand the variety of programs that they have.
  2. Another salient feature of the exercise is that the learner attempts at reaching the ultimate of their exuberance. They try to reach the desired level with all their might, thus, leading to a full power build-up of their spirits.
  3. It is advised to stick to a fixed schedule for the activity. This helps the mind in getting used to the schedule, therefore, adapting to the process and gaining optimal benefits from the yoga classes.The Yoga classes in Dubai by Al Barsha operate both in the mornings and evenings.
  4. Ric Banks Academy, one of the leading choices of people who are keen towards urban yoga practice to attain a sound level for the mind, body and soul. The teams of professionally qualified yoga trainers make sure that the asanas are performed in the aptest manner by each learner.
  5. If possible go for a trial before settling for one. The Trial class will help you understand more than just the kind of lessons that are offered, as you will get to know the kind of crowd that turns up at a given yoga studio, the timings and other feasibilities.

Some Interesting facts about Yoga:

Yoga, majorly, is about analysing one’s own body and spiritual powers by controlling conscious state of the eight limbs or parts of body. To begin doing so, one needs to understand the points to concentrate upon,

  1. Yama: Yama or the ethics and integral value of a human body tops the list of important element in one’s body. The further subcategories of yama are: non-violence, honesty, theft, continence and non-covetousness;
  2. Niyama: The process of self cleaning or attaining piousness is led by five simple steps or also known as Niyama, that are, Cleanliness, contentment, austerities, studying spiritual scriptures and finally praying and surrendering to god;
  3. Asana: The physical posture that forms a synergy out of mind and body;
  4. Pranayama: The process wherein the asanas are adjoined or integrated with breath controlling activity;
  5. Dhyana: meditation or concentration, is the unhindered process of concentrating on your own breath, and thus on your own self.

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