Bachata is the sensual dance form that every person desires to learn, especially the couples and if you are in love with Bachata, then we can clearly anticipate you might be looking for the superior bachata classes in Dubai, right? This is exactly where Ric Banks comes into existence. Since our classes are managed by the renowned choreographers in Dubai, as a dancer, you’ll not be disappointed with the quality of our studio. In the midst of the expertly designed classes, we provide the prudent dance learning to both beginners and veterans.

Facts about Bachata Dance that you might not aware of:

  • Bachata is mostly performed with the Latin American music or African music. The blend of bachata with Latin or African music creates an unbeatable combination.
  • The basic to the dance is the three-step Cuban hip motion. It includes tap, hip-movement with the slight bend of the knee where dancer movement is in the upper body posture.
  • It’s the game of the rhythms where you express the feeling, unlike other social dances. Bachata is smooth where hips frequently moved with the rhythms.

Why Choose Ric Banks Bachata Classes In Dubai?

After learning so much, your next step should be to enroll with the finest choreographers in Dubai. At RicBanks, we outshine with the well-designed classes which serve the foundation of effectual dance learning. The factor which portrays Ric Banks a dependable Bachata choreographer in Dubai is:

  • Catering Bachata classes for both beginner and experienced person; who desire to become a perfectionist in Bachata.
  • You learn in our state-of-the-art studio where classes are conducted by the leading choreographers.
  • Well designed dancing programs with complete knowledge of body movement.

Let’s get you started. For enrollment purpose or to gain a better idea of Bachata classes in Dubai, you may reach Ric Banks via phone +971-52-292-2356 or fill up the contact form on our dedicated website,

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