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Looking for the reliable fitness classes in Dubai? If yes, then enroll to RicBanks for the fun and fitness classes of aerobics.

Gymnastics is the composition of physical agility and coordination, which mainly include varied athletic moves. At Ric Banks center, we conduct well-designed fitness classes in Dubai for kids, adults – both. Each of the classes is being managed by the team of a professional trainer; where you exercise in our state of the art studio. The physical fitness your child gains bestows them the optimal strength, flexibility, fitness, endurance they needed to build the overall confidence in their future life.

Why Have Gymnastics fitness classes in Dubai for your kids?

Childhood is the best time period to bestow optimal learning they needed to become a great person tomorrow. By understanding your parenting needs, we bring you the acrobatic gymnastics in Dubai with an aim to enhance the physical, mental and social well-being.

Here are the key benefits of enrolling in the Gymnastics fitness classes in Dubai

Gymnastics helps kids to become physically active. As it includes the whole body movement, it reduces the risk of fatigue, fatness, obesity, and overweight.

It also includes social benefits. Gymnastics class confers your kid an opportunity to embrace confidence, communicate and develop social skills which greatly helps in their pre-schooling stage, or high school.

It’s a fun way to stay healthy. You believe it or not, gymnastics classes are a fun-loving way to stay fit and in a good health where your kids don’t even feel fatigue or tiredness. Our studio has a fun loving atmosphere where they are under constant supervision.

Build an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Other than all these, Gymnastics fitness classes also help children to embrace good gripping, control and body awareness which helps in building the excellent strength.

Reduces the chance of fatness. Even the expert emphasizes kids to indulge in 60 minutes of exercise on daily basis. Gymnastics, on the other hand, meets the daily dose of exercise.

Why Choose Ric Banks Fitness Classes in Dubai?

Ric Banks is the amalgamation of the state-of-the-art studio and well-designed fitness program where classes are conducted by professional trainers. We educate, supervise and train students with utmost safety; giving you the assurance of enjoyable and accurate training every day. The factor which portrays Ric Banks as the best fitness classes in Dubai is:

We conduct gymnastics classes for kids from 3 years old. Inside fun-loving studio and among friendly staff, your child learns a lot about body awareness and the balance.

Safe and active classes in Dubai. Your kids learn among the proficient people where they master their skills in a safe and dynamic manner. This reduces the chances of feeling tedious.

Conduct classes with proper time management. The duration of each of our classes is about 45 minutes, which is more than enough to teach your kids various moves without getting exhausted.

Social Development. Our class is not only confined to fitness and health but also enhances the concentration and mental fitness. They practice in a group among children of the same age and develop social skills.

Confer your kids an active and fun-filled lifestyle. As a parent, you’ll not be disappointed with the quality of our classes and training center in Dubai – Al Barsha. For enrollment purposes, please reach us out at +971-52-292-2356 or fill the contact us form on our dedicated website,

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