Choreographers in Dubai have redefined the dancing dimensions at DEF by Ric BanksDance Centre in Al Barsha, Dubai. It can rightly be said that the choreographers give wings to emotions. Be it happy, sad, vengeful or full of energy, choreographers create a motion picture of all these emotions for you. Whether for a film or theatre or simply polishing a passion within you, choreographers are an indispensable part of all these places. Choreographers have a specific skill which is based on their natural talent plus several years of performance and dancing experience.

Where on one hand, you have a natural bend towards dancing and simply need a little polishing, while on the other hand there are quite many dance forms that require a specific skill-based knowledge with definite moves. There are multiple dance forms draping the modern day culture of the cities around the world including Dubai. DEF by Ric Banks in Al Barsha, fosters groups of qualified choreographers for salsa, swing, jive, Bachata Classes in Dubai and many more. Besides, these specialized dance forms there are several other fitness classes that are performed under the trained supervision of qualified trainers.

The must-have skills list to find yourself a good choreographer:


  1. Leadership: The choreographers must possess leadership qualities within them that will help them strive best to their knowledge and also level up the learning in dance enthusiast. Choreographers need to be assertive in their ways and decisive to finalize rules and timings of the routines that they create. A clear direction thus obtained will only be fruitful for learners;
  2. Creative: The choreographers depend totally upon their ideas for their success in the forte. Their ideas will distinguish them and make them who they are. Their creativity will let them form ideas to choreograph dance routines and further translate ideas into physical movements;
  3. Discipline: Choreography involves long, tedious hours of practicing to refine the moves and reach the finishing in the most profound manner. With several performances steaming up from every place, it is highly essential to be disciplined and be punctual for the rehearsals.

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