Dubai is flooded with a number of dance and fitness classes sprawling from every nook and corner of the city. Whether if you are planning to learn Zumba® in Dubai or choose another fitness class for yourself, the dance classes have a lot to offer. The fact thus proves that most of us in Dubai are doing some recreational activity in our lives post the busy schedules, but what shall help us make the difference? Which dance class or activity will let us explore something new and even profound?

Jive Classes in Dubai, is quite an answer to all such worries as the variations and popularity of the art has made it attractive for the masses. The dance form is considered to be lively and free-flowing. The origin of the dance is African-American, though the style of dancing is international Latin. Jive dance is often seen to be compared with east coast swing style, because of the similarity in music and rhythmic tempo. Jive is an energetic form of dancing, whereby, legs are in a consistent pumping action; this has several health benefits such as burning calories etc. It is not compulsory to go for Zumba®in Dubai every time to get in shape! The dancing sequence of jive consists of two triple sets and rock steps in a sequential manner. It can rightly be called as a ballroom dancing with a tone of modulations that have been made in the art form.

Mastering some simple movements and some fundamental styles of swinging ease the execution of elementary flow in Jive dancing. One does not need to be conscious about the body shape and figure; neither does it call for a regressive physical training exercise. Therefore, Jive dancing is for everyone. Post-learning its basics, you can definitely incorporate several improvisations, which will only level up your gains of jive dancing. DEF by Ric Banks, Al Barsha lets you plunge into a positive atmosphere with an array of dance and fitness classes. With its team of professionally qualified coaches and trainers, Ric Banks Dance Centre in Dubai is just the choice for you, visit the website

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