What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Bachata dancing’? It is a form of dancing that is beautiful in every sense. It is notably identified to be as sensual, romantic and Rhythmic and brings in a major involvement of the hips. It has become a recent favorite of many couples lately, because the Bachata Dance Classes have its benefit to get a healthy body and mind. Besides, bachata dancing is choreographed on four basic elements: mood, setting, music and interpretation. Partnering for a bachata dancing with your loved one will not only help develop a skill but also elevate the level of romance between the duo.

Dubai offers some excellent state of the art dance classes, from Dance Classes for Kids in Dubai to bachata dance classes, Zumba fitness or gymnasts; each dance class requires a specific learning technique. Dance classes need to be chosen wisely as it impacts the overall learning on a great parameter. Ric Banks Dance and fitness center has a wide range of fitness and dance activities taken care of by learned professionals

Are you still thinking of investing time in a productive work you can do as a couple? The quite less known fact about bachata dancing is its numerous health benefits. It is basically performed to improve the silhouette, but that’s just half the story. The other half is the amazing benefit it has on your health.

Let’s quickly take an overview of the same,

  1. It is a romantic way of shaping your legs and buttocks. From the most initial steps, you shall continuously be moving your lower body. As you dance your way to burn calories, it will eventually lessen the risk of any cardiovascular disease from the body;
  2. Dance bachata to work for your spine. The movement that occurs for hips and torso when you dance bachata, majorly impacts the undulation and flexibility of your spine. Further, it also helps in achieving a toned muscle and waist;
  3. Dancing bachata helps improve your muscular strength, increase your bone’s capability and also give a push to your physical endurance. It helps in keeping your joints functional without stress. Also, it is seen to be preventing long-term disease such as arthritis, osteoporosis;
  4. It will impact your mental health as an individual while it works to strike a chord between you and your partner.

If you haven’t started yet, now is the time. Write to us at http://www.ricbanks.com/let-me-know-you/ or visit our website http://www.ricbanks.com/bachata-dance-classes-in-dubai/ to know about the other exemplary services that we offer and enroll soon.

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