If you wish to tune up your body, then Ashtanga yoga is an excellent choice for you to make. At RicBanks, we are known to conduct the best yoga classes in Dubai. Our yoga classes are expertly designed and managed by the team of professional masters who are experienced and possess a prudent understanding of all the asanas.

Ashtanga Yoga in Dubai– this is the traditional practices which include various rigid poses to stretch your muscles and tune your body to perfection. The word is taken from the Sanskrit where Ashtanga(Ashta + anga) means Eight Limb path. This served the fundamentality of the Ashtanga Yoga where physically demanding practice builds the core strength of your body and improves the flexibility.

Hidden Facts About Ashtanga Yoga

In a realm of yoga divinity, Ashtanga is quite a famous practice which requires your utmost dedication and stamina. The factor which makes it an outstanding practice is the breath-movement coordination in the midst of different Patanjali sage:

  • Yama, the moral codes
  • Asana, the varied posture
  • Niyama, the self-purification
  • Pranayama, for the extension of the breath
  • Dharana, the centered concentration
  • Pratyahara, for the internal abandonment of the senses
  • Dhyana, for meditation
  • Samadhi, for absorption

Why Choose Ric Banks For Yoga Classes In Dubai?

RIC BANKS is the famous Yoga studio where we conduct classes for both, beginners and veterans. Our classes are suited for people of all ages and performed in an open space of serene surrounding. You’ll be trained by the great masters that will professionally teach you all the poses which come under Ashtanga yoga.

The factor which makes us a dependable choice for yoga classes in Dubai is:

  • Availability of state of the art studio of proper space
  • Classes are conducted by the professional Yoga expert
  • We are specialized to carry out personal and group yoga classes in Dubai

Fulfill your fitness and flexibility goals with Yoga. If you are looking for the preeminent yoga classes in Dubai, then do visit our dedicated platform, www.ricbanks.com or speak with our representative via phone +971-52-292-2356.

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