Urban Yoga in Dubai practices the holistically healing art experience. It is the sustainable yoga or the basic yoga practiced along with several other art forms like music, art, mindfulness and recreational activities to instigate the well being of the mind the most creative and fun way. Besides, the performing activities learners are also taught the essence of practicing yoga, its impact and how can it entirely transform the way one perceives things in life.

Yoga, as we all know is an age old practice of curing human body of any illness and striking a balance in their mental and spiritual well being. It is the systematic exercising of breath control, meditation and body postures or Asanas. Yoga strengthens the physical and spiritual health, thus, easing he efforts at meditating. They are a series of practices of controlled breathing and calculated body posture inclusive of 8 limbs, together known as the Ashtanga Vinyasa. Further the benefits of Urban Yoga in Dubai can be specifically understood as:

  • Purification of the Body: Yoga flushes out the toxins from the body;
  • Mental relaxation: calms the mind by eliminating stress;
  • Poised and balanced body posture;
  • A relaxed mind helps you meditate;
  • Expanded concentration power;
  • Improvement in personal bonds and relations.

Another imperative impact of Urban Yoga in Dubai is the Mindfulness that is incorporated in each yoga practitioner. Mindfulness is the deliberate set of action taken to enhance awareness in the present moment by ourselves with the help of controlled breathing exercise for calming the mind through meditation. It helps in regulating a healthy routine and leading a stress free life.

Yoga has a number of ways in which it benefits your mind, body and soul. World recognizes the power of yoga and the need to keep it alive amidst each passing generation and thus, United Nations General assembly declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. This was a powerful attempt that was initiated for the people to keep benefitting from the ancient practice which can rightly be called as the holistic approach to health and well being. On the International yoga day, a step to disseminate knowledge about the overall benefits of yoga is taken every year. There has been a massive increase in the number of enrolments every year in various cities for yoga and Urban Yoga in Dubai. These yoga practitioners come from diverse age groups, professions and culture.

The Historic Practice of Indian Origin, Yoga, works upon the 7 “chakras” or states of mind:

  1. The first chakra is positioned on the crown of the head also known as the thousand petaled as it relates to the inner wisdom in a person or the state of pure consciousness;
  2. The second chakra is positioned as a third eye also known as the command chakra as it is located between two energetic streams responsible for the pituitary gland functions, growth and development;
  3. The third chakra is positioned in the throat also known as the throat chakra responsible for speech, hearing and metabolism and the endocrine glands;
  4. The fourth chakra is positioned in the centre also known as the heart chakra or “unstruck” and includes the managing of emotions such as compassion, failure, rejection, tenderness or love;
  5. The fifth chakra is positioned in the navel also known as the “jewel city” associated with the functioning of digestion, concentration of power, fear, worries and introversion;
  6. The sixth chakra is positioned in the pelvic area also known as the basis of anyone’s body which is responsible for reproductive activities, genitourinary and adrenals;
  7. The seventh chakra is positioned at the base of the spine for the root support also known as the “root chakra” , which is responsible for controlling and catalysing our desires or urges in life such as, sleep, sex, food and survival.

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