African dance is a significant part of Africa’s history, which directly reflects their culture and tradition. Learning the African dance form is an enjoyable experience in itself where you loosen up your body and becomes a part of the rhythms, beats, and ceremonials. The unique specialty of the African dance lies in its body movement & style. You move your steps in the midst of musical beat of drumming, hip-hop and Yoruba songs that makes it even more exciting to learn.

Why Choose Ric Banks Dancing Studios?

Ric Banks is one of the most preeminent institutes for various types of dance classes in Dubai. The lessons and learning are being conducted by the team of professional choreographers & instructors in a state-of-the-art facility.

The factors that make Ric Banks a dependable institute for African dance classes in Dubai are:

  •  Trusted organization to learn the African and Caribbean dance form
  •  Explore well-planned dance course and classes
  •  We cater dance classes for both beginners and veterans

It can be considered as a nice workout with no stress and a lot of fun

Classes timing can be customized as per student preference

· You’ll learn dancing steps, body movement, and styles in spacious studios

Are you ready to experience the thrill of African rhythms ? The high-octane training in our excellent studio does not disappoint customer expectation. To gain a better idea, please reach us out at .

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